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Leven Thumps: Leven Thumps is fourteen years old, his grandfather is Hector Thumps-the builder of the gateway. Leven knows nothing of Foo or his heritage. He discovers his gift, an offing who can see and manipulate the future. Lev is his nickname and he has a sycophant named Clover. When Leven's gift kicks in his eyes turn gold.

Winter Frore: Winter is thirteen, has crazy white-blond hair and green eyes. She has pale skin and raggedy clothes. She was born in Foo, she is a nit who has the ability to freeze anything to everything, she was taken into reality to help Leven.

Clover Ernest: Clover is a sycophant from Foo assigned to Leven, which is his burn. He is twelve inches tall and has fur all over except for his face, elbows, and knees. He wears a robe that is loaded with candy from Foo.

Geth: Geth has existed for hundreds of years, in Foo he was one of the strongest and most respected being. Geth was trapped in a fantum tree seed and was put in earth by his loyal friend Antsel, who died shortly after.

Ezra: Ezra was created when Geth's tree was cut down and sent to the Tatum Company to be made into toothpicks. As Geth's tree heart was split, Ezra took Geth's anger and other darker emotions.

Dennis Wood: A janitor who lead a boring life and had no ability to dream. But his whole life changed when he ordered a sandwich that was pinned together by the toothpick, Ezra.

The Dearth: The Dearth is an evil being trapped beneath the soil. He seeks to rise from his prison and to merge Reality and Foo, thus destroying all life and returning it to the soil.







The Gateway to Foo

The Whispered Secret

The Eyes of the Want

The Wrath of Ezra

The Ruins of Alder

The Author: Obert Skye

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Leven Thumps

Leven Thumps, an offing is considered a hero in the series by Obert Skye. He saves the dreams of mankind in both Reality and Foo. He helped restore the dreams of mankind after defeating Sabine and entering Foo to help restore it. His father came from foo, but his mother is unknown and died in childbirth, leaving Leven to his mother's half sister, Addy Graph, and her husband terry in Burnt Culvert, Oklahoma. He was treated horribly by them, forced to do their bidding and sleeping on a too-small bed on the porch of their trailer home.

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